No Tie-Ins iCareWEB is a pay-as-you-go service with a simple 1 month notice period
No Setup Costs Just Sign-up, open a browser and login to your own secure database from any location on any number of computers
£ Value All prices include full telephone support. No extra hardware, networks or VPNs are required
No Risk Download your entire database anytime for total peace of mind. these prices you'd need your eyes tested to look elsewhere

100% Web-Based, 100% Secure, 100% Affordable.

iCareWEB is the next step for iCarePRO, our suite of windows products successfully established over 7 years ago. It is our answer to a fundamental issue that until now has not been addressed by any software company in the optical industry. You need to get to all of your data anytime from anywhere without any setup or complication and you don't want to break the bank to do so.
Who is it for ?
iCareWEB is designed for any size of practice ranging from a single practitioner working from one location, to a small or large group with multiple clinic locations. The database comes pre-loaded with look up information but is completely configurable by you to exactly match your practice needs.
What does it offer ?
iCareWEB is rich in features providing all the essential functions a busy practice needs to improve efficiency and increase profitability as well as improve the 'Patient Journey'. These are listed in detail under the Features section and include essentials such as a multi-staff multi location diary with cut and paste simplicity, on-line booking, a till system with stock control, NHS forms, full built-in document management including all scans and imagery from any source, customisable clinical test forms, automatic patient reminders via sms, postcode lookup, an intelligent recall system to generate repeat business, powerful marketing campaign management via letters, email and sms, multiple clinic support allowing for local or centralised management and much more...
What's involved in getting going ?
There is no technical setup required at all, simply sign-up and you will receive an email with your log-in information and that's it. Alternatively just give us a call. You can use iCareWEB exactly as is but you are likely to configure it for your business defining e.g. your branch(es), staff, appointment types, patient marketing questions, letter, email and sms templates, Clinical test forms and so on. This is achieved remarkably quickly with the simple and intuitive administration area.
Some common questions and concerns answered
Q: "How do I know my data is secure?"
A: iCareWEB runs in a secure environment using the very latest 128-Bit SSL encryption on every page. The web servers themselves are hosted in a state-of-the-art data-warehouse behind hardware and software firewalls patched up to the minute. You get your very own Microsoft SQL Server database separate from any other customer data which is automatically backed up every night.
Q: "What if iCareWEB goes out of business?"
A: Rather than try to assure just how that is not going to happen, we have included a complete 'peace-of-mind' option called 'MyLocalBackup'. Simply put, this is a utility allowing you to copy down your entire database whenever you like to whatever location you are at. It provides you with 2 versions of your database, the raw SQL version in it's entirety which you can use to re-create your whole database, as well as a csv version which allows you to see all of your data via a simple program such as Microsoft Excel or Access.
Q: "How do I know you won't greatly inflate your prices one day after i've entered all my data?"
A: With no minimum contract period and the ability to download your entire database, you are free to move to another software product and supplier at any time. Our business is based on customer satisfaction and retention so inflating our prices is not an option.
Q: "How are you able to offer this service so cheap?"
A: iCareWEB's entire business model is fundamentally different from the existing traditional aproach. We have significantly reduced our administration costs by moving to an internet model, and we have kept these costs low by not hiring lots of sales staff or sponsoring countless industry events. We use on-line collaboration software to provide targeted staff training. The net result is by far the lowest hosted solution available, and we believe overall the most attractive package on the market.
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